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Chicago suburbs.
Alpha Xi Delta<3

The Used show

So tonight was fucking epic. I made it up to the second row, belted out lyrics that saved my life and when I went to get merch, one of the guys gave me a free shirt for getting him a drink. And of course the boys did a spectacular job. I couldn’t have asked for a better time!


So beyond excited right now!!!!!

I picture them in cardigans and loafers singing this<3 

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I blame this amazing video for me being up so late.

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Favorite song by them. I love my boys

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Bert is honestly so adorably cute.

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The a cappella version of The Bird and the Worm found its way back on my dash. That first note gave me the happy lady tingles

To all of my the used brothers and sisters

if you would do to them what Dan did to Jepha in the “Dan has…” video or you just plain love them for their amazing musical talent, we should be friends :)

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