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Chicago suburbs.
Alpha Xi Delta<3

The Used show

So tonight was fucking epic. I made it up to the second row, belted out lyrics that saved my life and when I went to get merch, one of the guys gave me a free shirt for getting him a drink. And of course the boys did a spectacular job. I couldn’t have asked for a better time!


So beyond excited right now!!!!!

Retail therapy

Nothing like purchasing some Used merch to make a lousy day a little bit better 

My mind has been blown!

While chatting with my friend on skype we were talking about my babies. I said how I was in a polygamous relationship with them all and I had no shame in coming between their marriages. I continued with saying that I was a saint in a sarcastic tone, but then I realized I am. When I was forced to go through confirmation I had to pick a saint, so i decided to go with Cecilia the saint of music. SO THAT MEANS IT’S MEANT TO BE THAT I RUIN THEIR MARRIAGES BECAUSE THEY ARE MUSICIANS!!!THIS IS A HOLY LOOP HOLE!


yeah, pretty exciting stuff happens at 5:30 am, guys.

And suddenly a wave of depression flooded me.

Just found out that Bert was at the Staples center in LA watching a clippers game, that same game I would have gone to. He was literally five minutes away from me….and I missed him…

Just fyi

The fact that this time tomorrow I will be a mere hour or two away from seeing my babies on stage gives me great joy!

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